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The Shelton Family: Candid Family Photography

Meet the Shelton Family! I mean, all kids are adorable but check out little Latham – that smile! These photos were Latham’s 1 year old photos. I think when he gets older it’s going to be so cool to see a document of what life was like at this age. Do you remember what photographs you have from when you were 1? You might have a single image of you blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, more if your lucky. What did your house look like? What toys did you play with? What did your dad look like when you were 1? I just loved going into Brienne and Jordon’s home and taking a photojournalistic approach to capture candid family photographs of this time in their life. Their pets were pretty entertaining and so full of personality with all their crazy expressions. I must note Brienne and Jordon have a killer eye for interior design that I completely envy. So sweet and welcoming too. It’s just so great to be a part of these little family moments.

Pet Portrait: Frances the Dog

I was so excited when I was asked by Holly to shoot her Chocolate Lab Frances as a Christmas gift for her husband. So many expressions coming from this one dog! I love doing pet portraits, especially during these winter months when I’m not too busy shooting weddings. Contact me if you would like me to come to your house, or you can come to mine, and I’ll document all those expressions that make you smile everyday.