DIY Wedding: Terrarium Centerpiece for a Woods Themed Wedding

How great would this be for a woods wedding centerpiece or hanging out on the cake table? When I started gathering materials for this project I realized I had almost everything I needed in my own front yard.

1. Gather moss with a spatula, trying to keep it in big sheets. When it’s nice and moist it’s easiest to remove.
2. Dig up some seedlings with root and a little dirt. Pictured here is a miscellaneous plant/weed I found in my flowerbed. A tiny fern would look great too.
3. Along with your moss and small plant, gather lava rock (can often be found in yours or a neighbors landscaping), an apothecary jar (found at craft stores or often grocery stores near the candles), and animal miniatures (get your jar first so you know what size creature your looking for).
4. Place lava rock in the bottom of the jar and moisten it thoroughly. The shape you stack the rock will help determine the final terrain (do you want your creature climbing a hill or at a peak in the middle?). Dirt could likely be used here too, just maybe not as pretty.

5. Place moss on top of the rock, overlapping pieces. Stacking can also add dimension to the terrain.
6. Add your plant, nestling it in between pieces of moss so it reaches the moist rock below. Introduce your animals to their new home.
7. Spray thoroughly with water.
8. Add any other elements to make a cozy environment (I added a small pinecone), pop on the top, and enjoy! Spray about once a week and maybe water a little more thoroughly once a month or so. If this is for your home instead of a wedding, you can change out the creatures with the different seasons. I’ll be changing it to a tiger this summer. Fun!

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