Jennifer + Paul’s Country Wedding at Postlewait’s

Jennifer and Paul had the sweetest DIY wedding at Postlewait’s Country Weddings in Canby, OR. The day was full of shy kisses, friends not afraid to get all crazy on the dance floor, and relaxing moments in beautiful light. They had friends and family of mixed faith, radically different interests, and different cultures, but it was the fun clash of people that made for a day that was a perfect reflection of who Jennifer and Paul are. Props to Cassandra Kennedy for doing some lovely hair and makeup on Jennifer.postlewaits farm weddingcandid wedding photography portlandpostlewaits farmcandid wedding photography portlandwedding details portlandcandid wedding photographypostlewaits farm weddingdocumentary wedding photography portlanddocumentary wedding photography portlanddocumentary wedding photography portlandwedding ceremony postlewaits farmcandid wedding photography portlandwedding ceremony postlewaits farmwedding ceremony postlewaits farmwedding portraits portlandwedding details postlewaits farm candid wedding photography portlandhitchin post saloon postlewaits farmwedding party photos portlandJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-019wedding portraits postlewaits farm wedding details portlandJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-022wedding details portlandJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-024wedding details portlandJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-026candid wedding photography portlandJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-028postlewaits farm weddingwedding details postlewaits farm weddingJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-030Jennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-031Jennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-031vJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-032candid wedding photography portlandJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-033candid wedding photography portlandmt hood weddingwedding photography postlewaits farm postlewaits farm weddingpostlewaits farm wedding portraitpostlewaits farm weddingcandid wedding photography portlandcandid wedding photography portlandcandid wedding photography portlandJennifer-Paul-Postlewaits-Portland-Farm-Wedding-050

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