The Shelton Family: Candid Family Photography

Meet the Shelton Family! I mean, all kids are adorable but check out little Latham – that smile! These photos were Latham’s 1 year old photos. I think when he gets older it’s going to be so cool to see a document of what life was like at this age. Do you remember what photographs you have from when you were 1? You might have a single image of you blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, more if your lucky. What did your house look like? What toys did you play with? What did your dad look like when you were 1? I just loved going into Brienne and Jordon’s home and taking a photojournalistic approach to capture candid family photographs of this time in their life. Their pets were pretty entertaining and so full of personality with all their crazy expressions. I must note Brienne and Jordon have a killer eye for interior design that I completely envy. So sweet and welcoming too. It’s just so great to be a part of these little family moments.

3 thoughts on “The Shelton Family: Candid Family Photography

  1. Brienne Shelton

    These photographs are so beautiful! I think I enjoy them more each time I look at them. Thank you for taking such amazing photos for us to keep and to enhance our memories!

  2. Lisa

    Hi Jordon –

    Your family is absolutely beautiful! Love these pics. You picked a great photographer (Hi, Kelly!)…

    Take care,
    Lisa (from Lawrence…)

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