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Wow! Seriously. Just wow.
I’ll start by saying I’m not photogenic. Spare me the “yes you are” stuff and let’s be real, it’s rare I take a good picture or at least one my scrutinizing eye can be happy with. My husband is like-wise photo challenged, love the guy but this is some real talk. I’ll fast forward a bit and let you know that we had to re-shoot our Engagement session for this very reason. None of this was due to Kelly, it was strictly due to all the weird faces and strange postures we insisting on making. Now Kelly knew what to look for and prompted us which was just what we needed. So we did a re-shot ! With that little speed hump behind us we soared on to what is now our amazing engagement session and wedding photos.

June Lion, and more specifically Kelly Wilde, is it. One of the comments I most received post wedding (after how gorgeous I am, duh) was how impressed they were with the photographers. Kelly is like a ninja, there is no obstacle to large to climb atop or to low to crouch under that will stop her from getting the perfect shot. They captured every moment – my wedding could be a flip book!

I love Kellys style which is very modern and artsy. Like a real live Instagram she uses different lenses, and even double exposure, to turn out some amazing and timeless photos far beyond the scope of that app I assure you. In our package we also added a Photo Booth which her assistant manned. She brought chalkboards and all types of props so it worked out to be a guest book of sort which was a nice touch.

Another thing I feel is worth mentioning is Kelly herself. She is so so kind and fun. This wasn’t specifically something I was thinking when I hired a photographer but I’m so happy it worked out this way. She was with me the whole day from getting ready to going back to the house. You want someone with you who you feel comfortable around. Even more so – she made me smile – genuine teethie smiles because she was so fun. That’s who you want as your shadow on your big day, not some stick in the mud or someone with no personality. You choose the guest list, why invite someone to your big day who isn’t as wonderful as everyone else there.

Still on the fence? Check out our photo blog she created with pictures from our wedding, she is magical. http://junelion.com/blog…. We were even approached to be featured on a major wedding blog.  Now, my wedding wasn’t that ground breaking I strongly believe that this is all due to how beautifully it was captured. See for yourself. I would recommend her for any occasion in need of an extremely talented photographer.

I’m not quite sure where to begin in covering how happy I am with the quality of service and photography provided by June Lion!  First of all, Kelly was extremely professional and dedicated to the task at hand.  I felt like she was even more concerned about getting the best photos possible than I was, and I trusted her to get those shots because of her vast experience and dedication to quality.  She made a point of talking with me about what my style is and what kind of photos I hoped to have, and she organized our time to make sure those shots happened.

I was amazed to see the photos after all was said and done, because Kelly appeared to have been everywhere at once!  Our photos were simply incredible, and I had so many people gush over how beautiful and poignant they are.  I also had several people ask who the photographer was and whether they could use her for weddings or other family events.

I would not change a single thing about our wedding photos or the experience we had with June Lion.  You could not pay me to go back and have it all done by another company.
Sincerely, Kate Palazzolo


I can’t really even express how pleased my husband and I were with the wonderful pictures from June Lion Photography. I found June Lion online after searching the web for days, reviewing portfolio after portfolio of different wedding photographers. Kelly’s work just resonated with us. I had hoped that the resulting photos from our engagement session and wedding day would garner at lest a few standouts like the ones displayed on her website. Well, we got those few, and many more. Now the only problem has been narrowing down the favorites for our album!

We have such beautiful moments and emotions truly “captured” in photo form from this past summer, and from our wedding. Beyond the preservation of memories, Kelly’s work is also truly artful. Truly, Kelly was lovely to work with, and easy to feel comfortable around. She was very flexible, and creative in working with a variety of settings and subjects. Throughout preparations for (and follow up after) the event, Kelly was always quick to respond, and clear in her communication. When I think about all the time she invested in working with us, and the wonderful end product we received, I have to say it was a tremendous value as well.

We are so thrilled with Kelly and June Lion, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic photographer with a distinctive, imaginative eye.

Sara + Eric


One word: AMAZING! Kelly came all the way from Portland to Central Illinois to photograph our wedding, and we are so thankful that she did. Throughout the whole process, Kelly was quick to respond to our emails, and I didn’t even really feel like she was across the country! She was so fun and wonderful to work with, and she was INCREDIBLY professional and flexible with our chaotic day and our very short window to shoot photos in before the ceremony. We are beyond thrilled with the number of images we received and how perfectly she captured every moment of our wedding day. The photos are thoughtful, artistic and beautiful.
We had no one in mind for our photographer when we found the June Lion website. After viewing Kelly’s portfolio we knew that her style was right for our wedding and the way we wanted it to be remembered in pictures. We were worried that our small scale wedding at a rural residence wouldn’t provide a lot of photographic opportunities but we couldn’t have been more pleased with the way Kelly shot it. She captured our intimate and casual wedding perfectly. She is very professional from the first meeting to the delivery of the finished product, detail-minded and has a way of putting the camera-shy at ease. We’re glad we chose Kelly to document these memories for us!
– Hanna
Kelly was amazing!!! Her photos are so beautiful. She will will do whatever style you want, but we were going more vintage and she did it perfectly!! She is such a sweet and fun person! I had looked around and she found me off of a site and emailed me. Right away I could tell she was more my style:) So we met with her and knew right then we wanted her as our photographer. Would recommend her to everyone!!
Kelly Goode of June Lion did amazing work with both my engagement and wedding photos. She is personable and extremely easy to keep in contact with throughout the process. Kelly really put me at ease during both photography sessions by her organization, professionalism, and likable personality. I could tell she was passionate about her craft and loved it! She ALWAYS exudes a positive attitude and is always thinking artistically and creatively while at work. And it truly shows in the product; Kelly takes every photo scenario and makes it fun. I was amazed with how every photo felt alive and fresh, like the scene was ready to jump out of the picture. I wanted a photographer that captured life and emotion, and that’s exactly what she did.
Anglea + Bryan


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