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“A photograph is the best way we know how to hold onto this place and time.
The love of telling a story of someone’s perfectly imperfect life or special day
through authentic imagery is why I’m a photographer.”


I am fortunate to have been in front of Kelly’s camera three times— once for a boudoir session, another for a maternity session, and then our newborn session. My time spent with Kelly resulted in magical moments captured in photographs. These images aren’t magical because they are “over the top” or on the summit of majestic mountains; they are magical because they capture my heart and soul in the truest of color and emotion. They are magical because they showcase the love my partner and I have for our son. They are magical because they capture fleeting moments that show us just being.. us.

Kelly is a professional and understands light and composition in a way that produces beautiful photographs. She also knows exactly how to put you at ease and provides just enough direction so that you feel like yourself, but don’t feel awkward. Kelly tells jokes, opens up about her life, and ultimately becomes a friend throughout the process. For me personally, being vulnerable in front of Kelly felt easy, which I wasn’t expecting. 

                - Natalie & Erik (and baby Bruno)