There are a lot of black & white photos on your website, what if I don’t like black and white?

Don’t get me wrong, black and white can call up an emotion or save an image from distracting or bad color. When there are repetitive images, I’ll turn one black and white and keep the other color. But if you don’t love black and white, no worries, I’m happy to edit all your photos in color. Just let me know by the day of your session or wedding and I’ll do them all in color.

I see a lot of moody images, do you always shoot that way?

If you’ve seen too many moody images, for me it’s just because I’m a bit of a sucker for using them for those “stand out” images. Really, most of the time we’re embracing joy, making jokes and having the most fun possible.

Are the photos edited?

Editing means different things for different people and even different photographers. Your photos are culled down to remove bad or repetitive ones, given my color treatment and color corrected or turned black and white. If there are easily removable distracting elements taking away from the image, they will be removed. I give my clients SO many final images that it would take eons to retouch each one. None of the images on my website or blog are retouched (with the exception of boudoir) so they will look just like what you’ve seen. If you order an album or retouched prints, those selects do get a more thorough retouch with blemish removal, line softening etc.

How many photos are in the final edit?

I don’t limit the number of final images I edit. If it’s good, I include it in your edit. It depends on how things go, of course, but I average about 150 final images for standard sessions, and approx. 80-100 per hour for weddings.

How long do the photos take to be edited?

Most portrait sessions: 4-5 weeks  |  Newborns: 2-3 weeks  |  Weddings: 6-8 weeks

Do you offer prints and albums?

Most definitely. We are a full-service studio and can even help guide you through selecting and designing art for your home. When you purchase digital files, you will be able to get prints made on your own, but I highly recommend that if you invest in art for your home, you go through our professional print lab. There is an online gallery set up for you and your family/friends to quickly purchase professional prints. I also offer custom retouched professional prints that have been refined and have more of an artist’s touch. See my pricing guide for all my product offerings.

Where should we shoot and what should we wear?

For portrait sessions, I provide a location tips sheet and also suggestions on what to wear.

Will you pose me?

Yes—sometimes but not always. When I do, I still try and make you look natural. I usually just let you interact naturally and give you direction when it’s needed or when I have a specific idea. Have fun, talk, laugh, hug and kiss lots, and keep it light. Sometimes it just feels right to look at the camera so feel free to do so, but in general, don’t look directly at the camera unless I ask you to. Just live in the moment with each other.

Do you take group shots?

I most certainly do and know it’s an important part of a lot of people’s wedding day. There are some standard group shots, but I really only photograph those groupings that are important to you, so we’re spending your day exactly like you want to. I don’t show a lot of group shots on my website and blog because they are not the core of what I do and not always the most interesting for outsiders to look at. I’m happy to send you group shot samples on request though.

Why do all of your standard wedding packages have two photographers?

-We both rest easier knowing that if something were to happen to me, we still have another strong photographer ready to go for your wedding. 

-We can document both of you getting ready at the same time, which is great for storytelling. 

-If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, the second photographer is more likely to be able to “sneak” great natural portraits of the two of you when you’re paying attention to me. 

-While at times I have to focus on getting the more “safe” shots, the second photographer is able to get more creative.

-During the ceremony, we can get multiple angles and distances without having to run around as much, which can sometimes be a distraction. We can also get more guest reaction shots.

-You get a lot more guest coverage. When I’m flying solo, I focus on the two of you and who you’re interacting with and cover the other guests when possible. You get a lot more “surprises” with the second photographer covering different areas. 

-If I have a camera or lighting malfunction during an important moment, we have another photographer capturing things while I get my backup camera or work on the issue.

-We have another set of helping hands to make things go smoothly and manage time most effectively.

-You get more photos and a stronger final edit.

Who is your second shooter for weddings?

I work with 2-3 photographers each year, all of whom are business owners but happen to still be free that date, so they work for me to fill in their schedule. These are all folks who have years of experience with weddings and who I would trust to take over if, for some reason, I was unable to photograph your wedding day.

What happens if you get sick or injured and can’t make it to my wedding?

That is one of the many benefits of working with two photographers – we have another experienced photographer assigned to your wedding day who’s ready to go. I still try my best to find a second photographer for the day, but if nothings else, we’ll still have the one and you’d get the cost of the second photographer back. If your package doesn’t include two photographers, I’m networked with many other amazing wedding photographers and I’ll try my best to find someone of equal talent to replace me. If no suitable replacement is found, you will be refunded any money you paid minus services or goods already used.

Do you have experience in dark venues or outdoors after dark?

Most definitely. Not to toot my own horn, but I have more experience than most. A lot of photographers will flail after the pretty natural light goes away. I use natural light whenever possible, but if it’s prettier, I work with both on and off-camera flash to give you professional lighting and a professional look to your images.

How much do you require to save my date?

For photo sessions, 100% of the session fee is required. You’re welcome to pre-order but any products can be decided on after you’ve seen the images. For weddings, 25% to save the date, 25% 3 months before the wedding, then 50% 2 weeks before the wedding.

What happens if it rains?

If it’s a session, I like to make the final decision the day before the session, since weather changes on a dime, but we can reschedule. If we’re not able to reschedule, we can find an indoor location (your house/hotel, coffee shop, vintage store etc.) and/or go out with a clear umbrella and embrace the rain (just not recommended for the young kids)! If it’s a wedding, we just roll with it! Sometimes we adjust the schedule around windows in the rain, find indoor locations to shoot, or grab that umbrella and go out into it if you’re open to that.

Where does the name June Lion come from?

I didn’t want to have a business name that’s MY name, I wanted the name to evoke more feeling. June is my birth month, my daughter’s middle name (although spelled “Joon”), makes me think of weddings, and just has those beginning of summer freeing feelings for me. “Lion” is my power animal – strong, beautiful and regal but also sneaky because I like to sneak around to get the shots ;).