Your story is unique, and I want to find and document those things that tell your story honestly and artfully.

With a style rooted in a love for nostaglia and timeless images, documentary photography, and fine art photography, I look for the raw and candid moments that feel like you

"Let go" when we're creating photographs together, and be your authentic self. 

Memories to Hold

I’m not just here to help you make memories, I’m here to help you keep them. In this digital era, your family photos can be lost so easily, but we know that print can last over 100 years. Printed photographs are daily reminders of your unique and beautiful family when you see them displayed in your home. 

Specializing in meaningful imagery, custom wall art, heirloom albums, and special gifts for yourself and those you love-- I want the photographs we make together to last generations. 



"Kelly is a photo ninja. She is everywhere at the same time, catching all of the the little moments that flit by and you think (there is no way she saw that) She not only saw it but totally nailed the shot! I am obsessed with her images of my family. As a photographer I am absurdly picky when it comes to images that move me. Her work is just alive and legit. Love her and her work. Hire her."

- Chris C.