I’ve been a photographer for 27 years with a BA in photography, photographing weddings, couples, families and boudoir. I'm able to support my family of four through my income alone, and am confident I can offer loads of advice that will propel your business to the next level.

Mentoring is right for you if:

You want fast progress, without all the major missteps that come along with business building. 

You need honest feedback on your work, and an outsider look on ways to streamline your business.

You want to “level up” your income from where you are today.

I offer 3 Types of Mentoring:

Coffee Talk

A 2 hour chat in person or over Zoom, troubleshooting the major hurdles you have in your business so you can move forward. This time is catered completely to you and your needs, but we can do a quick portfolio review and overall critique, create an outline for establishing your goals, and you can ask me all those burning questions that will help you relating to both your photography work and your business. 


Shoot and Share

This 4 hour mentoring session is where you get to be part of the “before, during, and after” of a real photo session. Before the shoot we meet to walk you through how I prepare myself and my clients for a photoshoot, and have a talk about pricing and sales. You then observe one of my photoshoots with real clients seeing how I work and interact, “pose”, and the tools and “tricks” I use to get those heartfelt photos. After the session is over, we have a wrap-up of the shoot, talk about how challenges were overcome, discuss how I achieved your favorite shots, talk about post-production, and do a Q&A on any other burning questions you may have. 


The Mentoring Program

In this handholding full mentoring program, after our first 2 hour power meeting, we meet every other week over Zoom for an additional (6) one hour sessions to get your business and photography on an upward trajectory. We start with a complete review and overhaul of your website, branding, workflow, marketing, and pricing. Continuing on through the weeks we troubleshoot the hurdles you have in your business, you get advice on how to level up your income, and we work on finding a unique voice with your work. We set goals each session and talk about how to meet them, and you have someone there to answer all your questions relating to photography and business as new considerations arise. 


Another Mentoring consideration is that you could simply book a photo session with me! That way you'd get to see my entire process, experience a full photo session, and also walk away with some amazing photos of yourself, your family, or your partners at this moment in your life.

My business specializes in “In Person Sales” for creating artwork for my clients, and can offer a lot on the subject, but for years was a “digital only” photographer, so I can help you navigate any way you want to run your business. 

My goal for you is to have your mentoring session paid for hundreds of times over. I want to skip over the years of trial and error on your own, and I hope to make you a better photographer too!