Portland Family Photographer: 10 Tips For Taking An Awesome Portrait of your Kid

Some of you might be in my position, in which you’re not getting much work right now, and don’t see family photos in your near future. I want you to know that I care about you, and want your child to still be well-documented, so here are some tips on photographing your kids’ portrait until we see each other again. If you sign up for my newsletter HERE, you will get more tips, discounts, and all latest news to your mailbox. Woop!

1. Of course SLR’s are best if you happen to have one (For the beginner, Aperture priority, lowest f-stop), but portrait mode on your phone if you have that option is pretty good too.

2. A simple background, not too vibrant or “busy” because that distracts from the kid, a neutral chair by a window is a great place to start indoors. Outside in a shaded area is great too.

3. Make sure there is light in their eyes so they have a little glimmer in them. Angle them approx. 45 degrees from your light source (window/sun), in diffused, not direct light. In bright light, put the sun behind them.

4. Get down on their level. If the baby is not sitting up yet, shooting down tends to be an easy angle to start, but have that same 45 degree angle of light.

5. Have on their favorite music, wave around a toy that makes them happy, and lots of tickles. But even a moody face can be cute too.

6. Look through your viewfinder, wait for that great moment, then shoot a lot on continuous.

7. Get close as well, eyes at top 3rd of frame tends to feel right.

8. Photograph them playing naturally too, but the key to make that photo awesome is light. Set them up in your house or outside where there is nice soft light, they should be brighter than the background.

9. If you have an awesome shot, but there is something distracting in the background, make it black and white.

10. Give them praise (or a treat) afterward so they are more likely to be even better for you next time.

You got this! You’re their favorite person, so you’ll probably get the most loving smile from them. ♥ 

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Until I see you again! 



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