Portland Photographer: The Year Was 2020

The year that time stood still and had us hiding in our homes. 2020 was the first year I hosted mini-session events, the first year I shot outdoor newborn sessions, the first time I shot “porch sessions” photographing a family at a distance with a long lens, and the first year I didn’t tickle toddler toes or insist on holding babies when the parents had their hands full.

I felt like I was just surviving in 2020 but then 2021 was my busiest year yet, which is why we are just now unearthing these gems from 2 years ago. But whether I was behind the glass of a window, or masked and coated in sanitizer, it was still a beautiful year in different ways.

I’m so glad I was able to capture these photos for people – to send home to family when they couldn’t visit, and to hang on the walls of their homes to remember what’s important. Often I was the only person beyond parents to see a newborn in real life, which was truly an honor. I’ll never forget that how important that was, and how I was chosen to be the one to tell these families’ stories from the most life-changing year of our generation.


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